7/16″x1-11/32″ Lynch Pin Yellow Zinc 63-04

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7/16X1-11/32 LYNCH PINS ZY 63-04

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Product Description

Lynch pins – also commonly referred to as quick pins or linchpins – are pins with a self-locking ring threaded through the pin head that snaps shut over the pin, which is inserted crosswise through the end of an axle or shaft. These fasteners keep objects from sliding off its axle.


  • A solid pin with an attached self-locking ring that snaps down firmly to hold the part securely in place
  • 1010 grade steel is low carbon steel with a carbon content of .08 to .13%
  • Carbon steel is an iron alloy with the main additive agent being carbon at up to 2% content level
  • Carbon steel is durable, affordable and generally easy to work with
  • This thin, externally applied layer of zinc provides resistance to corrosion and gives the part a tint of yellow color

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