3/8″x2″ Adjustable Clevis Pin Plain 13-22

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Product Description

Adjustable Clevis Pins have multiple holes, allowing the user to choose the appropriate length; excess length may be removed. The pins lock in place with either cotter pins or hairpin cotters.


  • A plain finished part is one that has not been treated or had a finish applied to it for additional protection.
  • Economical solution when parts are frequently changed out or don’t have exposure to corrosion.
  • Low carbon steel has a carbon content below .23% and is a durable, economical option for a wide variety of parts.
  • Universal clevis pins are unthreaded fasteners with an adjustable effective length that are often used to quickly connect/disconnect equipment and are locked in place by the head on one end and a cross-hole with a pin near the other end.

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