LOCTITE Professional Performance Spray Adhesive 13.5 Oz. 2267077

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Loctite Professional Performance 300 is a premium-quality spray adhesive that creates high strength and temperature-resistant bonds for indoor and outdoor use. The heavyweight formula is ideal where support is not possible. Great for a variety of light or demanding projects, Loctite Professional Performance 300 is recommended for bonding decorative laminate/trim work, marine applications, upholstery work, van/motor home conversions, kick plates, signage, wood, metal, glass, crafts, carpet and plastics (polypropylene, acrylics, PVC and more). This versatile spray adhesive is sets in just 10 minutes with full cure in 24 hours for invisible repairs and dries clear without yellowing with age. Loctite Professional Performance 300 offers a strong, permanent bond with no reworking required and no bubbling, and multiple coats can be applied to increase the bond strength. Loctite Professional Performance 300 is CARB Compliant and meets VOC regulations.

  • PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE: Heavy-duty, industrial grade spray adhesive provides high-strength, permanent bonds on a variety of materials
  • TOUGH AGAINST WEATHER: Resists water and extreme temperatures
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR: Suitable for light and demanding interior or exterior applications and great for upholstery work, crafts, decorative trim work, and more
  • VERSATILE: Works well on a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, acrylic, carpet, laminate, polypropylene, PVC, and more
  • INVISIBLE REPAIRS: Formula sets in 10 minutes and dries transparent without yellowing with age

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