Hilti Kwik Bolt TZ2 CS Wedge Anchor

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Ultimate-performance wedge anchor for cracked concrete and seismic (carbon steel)

  • Material, corrosion:  Carbon steel, zinc-plated
  • Head configuration:  Externally threaded
  • Drilling Method (AS):  Hammer Drilling, Hollow Drill Bit Drilling, Diamond Drilling

Note: The image displayed is a representation of the product. Product dimensions, finish, head type, and thread length may differ from picture. Products are guaranteed to meet the specification to which they are manufactured. Please email us with any questions.

Product Description

  • Ultimate tension and shear performance for seismic relevant applications as well as cracked concrete (tension zone)
  • Seismic tested in accordance with ACI 355.2 and ICC-ES AC 193
  • Per ICC-ES, compliant for use with Hilti Adaptive Torque (AT) Module for Mechanical Safeset
  • Per ICC-ES, compliant for use in diamond cored holes
  • Small minimum edge distance and spacing for maximum design flexibility
  • Fastening structural steel, facades, electrical and mechanical equipment, hand rails and racks

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