CRC Di-Electric Grease Tube .5 Oz. 05109

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Dielectric grease with precision tip applicator. Technician grade, noncuring compound that seals, protects, insulates, and lubricates indoor and outdoor electrical connections and light bulbs with a quick, no mess application. Prevents rust and corrosion by repelling moisture, road salt, dirt and oils that can penetrate and harm electrical connections. Improves electrical performance by reducing arching, voltage drop, and other conditions. Excellent for all electrical connections, circuit breakers, contacts, spark plug boots, trailer connectors, battery terminals, and outdoor light bulbs. Also ideal for lubrication of plastic and rubber parts and O-rings.


  • SEALS AND PROTECTS: Seals; protects and insulates electrical contacts while reducing arching and voltage.
  • EASY TO USE:Precision Tip Applicator applies a thin stream of grease directly on the work area.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Electrical panels; outdoor lighting; scoreboards; traffic lights; high voltage poles; transformers; disconnects; switching mechanisms; electrical contacts; spark plugs; battery terminals; and fasteners.
  • CRC INDUSTRIES: A market leader that offers impeccably designed chemical solutions to maintain; protect and repair different marine; heavy-duty motor vehicles; industrial-grade engines; household tools and electrical equipment.


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