32 Ounce Honeywell Eyesaline Eye Wash Refill Bottle 32-000455-0000-H5

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While not intended to replace primary eyewash equipment, they are an important supplement. Personal bottles can be located much closer to contaminants and provide immediate treatment before the injured worker is able to reach primary eyewash equipment. They can also be important after primary eyewash is used, while the injured worker is being transported to medical care.
Facility managers may be aware that they are required to have an eyewash station within a 10-second walk from chemicals or other injurious materials, but are they aware that they are also required to have personal eyewash bottles available when particles such as pollen or other allergens, dust, sawdust or smoke are present?
It is of utmost importance to educate facility and safety managers about eye injury risks and meeting compliance standards at their sites.


  • Bottles contain a buffered, saline solution that is sterile and superior to tap water for emergency eye care
  • Blow-fill-seal bottles are tamper resistant, yet easily removed in an emergency
  • Extended-flow nozzles (16 and 32 oz. containers) provide longer flow than conventional 16 and 32 oz. Containers
  • User-controlled volume delivery (1, 4, 8 oz. products). Delivers drops or an irrigating stream of solution: depending on the squeeze pressure applied to the bottle
  • Ensured quality and lasting value with FDA-grade polyethylene bottles featuring lot numbers and expiration dates

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