3/8″ x 3-1/4″ Turnbuckle Hook-Hook THH038

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Hook-hook turnbuckles are a three piece assembly that consists of two hook-end fittings and a turnbuckle body. The turnbuckle body is left hand threaded on one end and right hand threaded at the opposite end. Slack is removed from the rigging assembly and tension is adjusted by turning only the turnbuckle body, drawing both end fittings into the body simultaneously. The two hook end fittings are threaded opposite, also. Hook end fittings allow for quick attachment to a mating component, but should not be used if tension of the assembly can suddenly release.


  • Medium carbon steel is fairly hard but workable with a carbon content level range of .23 to less than .50%
  • Self colored is the part’s naturally occurring appearance without a protective coating or treatment
  • Hook-hook turnbuckles have two hook end fittings with opposing threads and a turnbuckle body with opposing threads that is turned to take in or let out thread which adjusts the positioning of the retained object
  • Hook ends allow for quick attachment of a mating component

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