Prestone Automotive Antifreeze/Coolant 50/50 Pre-Diluted


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Prestone ready-to-use antifreeze coolant features a blend of 50% antifreeze coolant for temperature and corrosion protection and 50% demineralized water for heat transfer protection. For all makes and models of vehicles and can replace any color antifreeze. Extended life all weather protection. Up to 5 year, 150,000 miles when flushed or filled. Exceeds all ASTM and SAE standards for corrosion protection. Protects all metals including aluminum. Maximum freeze-up/boil-over protection: -84 F. to 276 F. 1 gallon. No. AF2100: Container Size: Gallon, Formulation: 50/50 Pre-Diluted, Temperature Rating: -84 F to 276 F, Color: Yellow, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Bottle