LOCTITE Instant Mix 1-Minute Epoxy



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0.47 oz. This high strength 2 part epoxy is packaged in an advanced delivery system. It has an easy-to-use self-mixing nozzle applicator to dispense the correct amount of exactly mixed adhesive with precision placement. No mixing is required creating a fast and easy use epoxy for many different projects and repairs. It bonds wood, metal, ceramics, glass, some plastics, and tile. This formula is resistant to solvents, impact, and moisture. And as an added bonus, there are 2 self-mixing nozzles included in the package for more than one job. The 1 minute set time reduces wait and clamp time. No. 1366072: Size: 0.47 Oz., Strength: 2500 psi, Set Time: 1 Min., Cure Time: 24 Hr., Color: Yellow, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Card