HILTI SDS+ Hollow Concrete Hammer Drill Bit TE-CD

From $105.000

Ultimate SDS Plus (TE-C) hollow hammer drill bit for virtually dust-free drilling in concrete

  • Connection end: TE-C (SDS Plus)
  • Base material: Reinforced concrete, Concrete
  • Working mode: Hammer drilling


Hollow drill bit TE-CD
  • Drilling and hole cleaning in one step
  • Optimum hole cleaning for consistent anchor setting
  • Robustness, lifetime and drilling speed equal to TE-YX drill bits
  • Minimized snagging or sticking when drilling into rebar
  • Drilling holes for anchoring structural steel connections (e.g.steel columns, beams)
  • Drilling holes for structural connections with post-installed rebar
  • Drilling holes for anchoring secondary steel structures (e.g.staircases, steel ledgers)
  • Drilling holes for structural renovation or upgrading with post-installed rebar
  • Drilling holes for substitution of misplaced or missing rebars