HILTI HAS-E-55 Anchor Rod F1554 GR55 ZN

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High-performance anchor rod for adhesive capsules (carbon steel, ASTM F1554 grade 55, zinc-plated)

  • Material, corrosion: Carbon steel, zinc-plated
  • Wrench/nut size: 1-1/4 in
  • PROFIS Software: Yes
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Anchor rod HAS-E-55
  • Chisel-tip anchor rod for use with HVU adhesive capsules and for easy insertion when using with Hilti HIT injectable adhesive anchors
  • Head marking for easy verification of steel grade and rod length, even after installation
  • Free of oil and other contamination for the highest performance with Hilti HIT adhesive anchoring systems
  • Custom lengths and additional diameters up to 2″ available upon request
  • Large range of anchor rod diameters (3/8″ – 1-1/4″)
  • Suitable for ductile fastening points with predictable steel failure in seismic-relevant applications
  • Suitable for fastenings in concrete and other base materials in combination with the relevant Hilti HIT injectable adhesive mortars
  • Suitable for fastenings in concrete with Hilti HVU capsules