Ear Plug Station With 250/PR Dispenser



  • Sparkplugs single-use earplugs
  • Eye-catching random color patterns
  • Comfortable pressure-free fit
  • Excellent attenuation
  • PVC-free

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PlugStations increase compliance, because their high visibility dispenser increases awareness so you won’t waste time looking for earplugs. Unlike competitive dispensers, PlugStations are sealed to ensure that the plugs stay clean and sanitary. With PlugStations, earplugs drop right into the palm of your hand so you don’t have to worry about plugs falling on the floor or trays collecting dust and contaminants. When the PlugStation is empty simply toss it and hang a new one – no fumbling with messy, hard to use refills. Convenient, quick access and ease of use lead to higher compliance. Plus, because workers take one pair at a time there is no wasteful grabbing of multiple pairs or pocket fillups that end up getting trashed without being used. Less waste means more cost savings. Comes with 250 pairs of SparkPlugs® earplugs.