Blue Latex Gripping Gloves



  • Gray 10-gauge polyester-cotton blend knit shell
  • Blue crinkle latex coated palm
  • Continuous knit wrist
  • Polyester overlock hem
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+ Gray knitted shell

+ Knit wrist, The Knit Wrist is a comfortable, snug fitting option that helps prevent dirt and debris from infiltrating your glove, while simultaneously keeping warmth in during the winter months.

+ Blue latex coated palm. Latex palm gloves offer strong grip, dexterity, abrasion and puncture-resistance. The coating makes gloves suitable for use in the automotive industry, construction work and other general purposes. Latex has very high elasticity and exceptional grip capabilities; it can also withstand high temperatures and offers great tear resistance. Although it resists alcohols, latex coated gloves should not be used around most hydrocarbon and organic solvents, such as gasoline and kerosene.