Milwaukee OPEN-LOK Metal Cutting Oscillating Blade Assortment (3-Piece)



  • Universal Fit OPEN-LOKā„¢ Anchor For Quick Blade Changes
  • Titanium Enhanced CARBIDE TEETH For Up to 50X Longer Life vs Bi-Metal Blades
  • Titanium Enhanced Bi-Metal For Up to 15X Longer Life vs High Carbon Steel Blades
  • CARBIDE TEETH Ideal for Extreme Metal Cuts
  • Bi-Metal Blades Ideal for Soft Metal Cuts
  • Raised Open-Lok Anchor For Flush Cutting
  • Cut-Away Blade Body Shape For Fast Plunge Cuts
  • Protective Black Oxide Coating
  • Long Lasting Laser Etching For Clear and Easy Blade Identification

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Milwaukee Universal Fit OPEN-LOK 3-Piece Metal Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Variety Pack contains blades ideal for cutting a variety of soft to extreme metals, wood, nails, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), drywall, and more. The included Titanium Enhanced Carbide Teeth Blade is designed to last up to 50X longer in extreme metals compared to standard bi-metal blades. The Carbide Teeth are ideal for cuts in screws, bolts, metal pipe, nails, and more. The Titanium Enhanced Bi-Metal Blade uses premium high-speed steel and lasts up to 15X longer than standard high carbon steel blades. The bi-metal blades have a slightly wider cutting width than most standard bi-metal blades and a longer blade body for a longer reach and deeper plunge cut. A combination of tooth design and material provides better soft metal cutting performance. These bi-metal blades are ideal for smooth cuts in soft metals, wood, nails, copper pipe, PVC, and drywall. Includes 1-1/8 In. titanium enhanced bi-metal metal blade, 1-3/4 In. titanium enhanced bi-metal metal blade, 1-3/8 In. titanium enhanced carbide teeth metal blade.