1″x4′ Eye/Eye Heavy Duty Nylon Web Sling Lifting Strap


Type 3 flat eye & eye nylon lifting slings are designed with a flat eye on each end that make them versatile enough for use in a basket hitch, choker hitch, or vertical hitch.

All of our nylon web slings are made to industry standards in a heavy-duty, 9,800 lbs. per inch industrial grade webbing. Every sling strap has a leather tag sewn in that contains the working load limits for vertical, basket and choker hitch applications.

Custom web lifting slings are also an option by calling our sales team.

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Product Weight:0.9

Vertical Capacity:1,500 lbs.

Basket Capacity:3,000 lbs.

Choker Capacity:1,200 lbs.


Shipping And Returns:This item cannot be returned due to safety risks associated with used materials.

Eye Length:8.5″

Notes:All Nylon and Polyester lifting slings have a length tolerance of +/- 2%.